About us


We are masters of gunmaking and have been so for more than 190 years as a family firm. It is now the 7th generation’s turn to produce hunting weapons which are absolutely first-class.

The company history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was Stefan Lützelberger, the great-great-grandfather of the Helmut Adamy of today who started our gunmaking tradition.

Stefan Lützelberger’s son and son-in-law (Gottlieb Lützelberger and Wilhelm Adamy) continued the craft. As witnesses to this period there are exhibits to be seen today on the premises of »Adamy Jagd & Mode«, our hunting requisites shop. The exhibits are a percussion rifle dating from 1820 and a percussion over-and-under rifle of 1840.

Adamy Bros, with the company name »Gebr. Adamy Jagdwaffen« was founded by two Adamy brothers in 1921, Franz and Albert.

From 1955 it was Albert Adamy’s son, Alfred Adamy, who continued to run the company.

Helmut Adamy took over Gebr. Adamy Jagdwaffen in 1977.

Sven Adamy also learnt the craft of the gunmaker. It is now his turn to continue the family firm tradition, the seventh in line, and son of the present owner-manager.

What we ask of ourselves as practitioners of our traditional craft is the creation of hunting guns to meet the individual wishes of each customer, as has long been the way here in Suhl, while at the same time employing the most modern of means available to support today's huntsmen and huntswomen.